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    Quote Originally Posted by sephiroth1084 View Post
    Just because it exists in a particular fashion doesn't mean that it can't be better. I'm really tired of seeing the argument against improvements to the game that take the form of either A) "it works for me, so screw you!" or B) "it has always worked this way/works this way in other games/in life." Stop being so selfish, and stop being so absorbed with the status quo.
    Lets look at it as from a utilitarian perspective. ( The changes proposed might make it better for you but they have potential downsides, personally I think the changes have the potential to make it worse for more people than they make it better for and as such are to be avoided as proposed, with regards to tokens for the signets.

    As far as getting something for a failure well I think that's just bad game design in general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charononus View Post
    Right now infinite failures gets you nothing, three failures in your plan gets you something. Assuming they fix the crippling lag this is a very bad thing imo, if you can't complete a raid you don't deserve the loot.
    Except that, you have very limited control over the success of the raid. You are placed into a random instance with a bunch of random players with absolutely no way to vet their gear, experience, or game knowledge. And you are all supposed to work together, somehow, without voice or party chat. Your only method of communication is General Chat, which many people have turned off because it is normally spammed with inanities. Add in lag and issues where you get put into a raid without a sufficient amount of players, and it can become impossible to complete.

    Normally, I agree that getting something for nothing is bad. But here, it is absolutely necessary because of how flawed this event is. Right now, I do not feel at all compelled to participate in Mabar. Between waiting two to three mind-numbingly boring hours for the dragon to open and then having it fail because of lag/bad luck with which instance I get placed into, I just can't get motivated to do it. If I knew I were going to get something, make SOME kind of forward progress, when I stepped into the dragon I would feel much more encouraged to run this event.

    In short, here are three things they can do to make Mabar better for everyone:

    1: Reduce the amount of motes needed to open the Dragon by 66%; instead of requiring 15, require 5k. This could very well solve all of the problems with this raid as you wouldn't wait around nearly as long and you would get many more attempts at the Dragon, so each failure would seem a lot less discouraging.

    2: Following the suggestion posted earlier, give everybody 1/2 of a Signet per failed dragon attempt and a full Signet for a successful run. If this also coincides with a significant reduction in the amount needed to open the Dragon, it could even be 1/3 or 1/4 of a signet.

    3: Make the Dragon a completely instanced raid with double the normal raid party size; therefore, up to 24 people in the same group would be able to fight the Dragon together, by themselves. This way, groups would have complete control over who they played with and would be able to communicate effectively. It would reduce frustration and increase the fun factor significantly. It may also reduce the horrible lag, as you wouldn't have dozens of players all in the same instance for the game to keep track of.

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