I like the spawn rate. The issue of course is that when you get mega spawns you also more or less stop time. Which leads to death. It seems to have infested the spectral dragon event as well. I don't know if it's outside lag or inside lag, but it was terrible today. I'm afraid that a lot of people will fail as a consequence and given the time it takes to unlock the event, that will truly suck.

  1. On my 26-30 instance no fangs dropped. We killed plenty of vampires but I didn't see one pair of fangs among all of the kills and we were at it for hours
  2. Thanks for allowing the lich to drop dust, but without fangs this will be a loop sided event
  3. There's something going on with the assassin stalkers. I was on my level 28 Arti but we were all as far as I can tell within the 26-30 level instance. Yet I was constantly getting 'weak critter' from them
  4. I noticed that the boulder throw does not damage Liches. I'm not sure if the lich figures it's a tier 1 spell or something but it's odd.
  5. Please adjust turn in rate. It's uneven if you get a full crystal dragon even and with lag it becomes trecherous. That's a lot of time spent unlocking an event for your first time a day signet just to have a borket instance.
  6. There seem to be no red named level 26-30 critter. Only assassins, vampires, liches and Succubi
  7. Lastly, thanks for the preview. Hopefully you get enough feedback to adjust it. I'm glad the mass spawn of giants are gone. They were terrible. I'm not opposed to the assassins - in a way its good since it was always a compete between divine and arcane mass burst with little left over for melee.

I did finally get my signet but it was a close call. Several guys died when the massive lag hit inside the spectral dragon event. I can only assume it got real hectic when the dragon spawned in other chambers.