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    Vampires: Rarely were seen; seemed to be permanently invisible. Pets could detect their presence, and I killed several as my draught of midnight informed me through deductive fireball placement, but no numbers showed for damage. Regardless, they continually spammed the group with unholy blights and sound bursts. Clouds of bats did appear when the vampire disappeared or reappeared, but that's it.

    Liches: Immune to level 6 spells (Disintegrate) whereas buff list claims to be only immune to level 4 and lower. Much higher spawn rate than prior years is nice, though I didn't see any dusts drop. Not sure if this is because of a difference in "Night Lich" and "Lich"?

    Mummies: Laid on the ground until noticed and activated via damage. Not sure if WAI.

    Shadar-kai: Nice mob addition, enjoyed the flavor.

    General: I ran the 26-30 content on my level 14 sorc and had no problem farming it; it didn't yield any more rewards than my at-level instance, however. It would be nice to perhaps up the difficulty of epic level monsters, and up the drop rates along with them, so that there's a fun and challenging incentive to use epic characters - or at least to try epic difficulties. Perhaps another tier of fingerbones and chipped skulls that yields a higher mote value, or signet of endless night fragments, etc.


    Lich dust: As above, did not seem to be dropping.

    Vampire fangs: See prior entry

    Red Augments: I like the idea of them, but to be honest, they feel very lackluster compared to the latest random generated loot out there. The Endless Night augment looked impressive, but the others... 1d4 light damage just doesn't matter anymore when level 6 weapons are doing 2d6 elemental as a matter of course. If we could upgrade them to a higher tier, say a Sovereign Light Damage augment that deals 1d10 light damage, I'd be more excited.

    General turn-in items (Cloak, Docent, Robe, Wraps, etc.): I admit that I was hoping to see some improvements to these items. The wraps still use old Undead Bane stats and the top tier of item remains level 24. I was definitely expecting to see level 28 versions introduced, and was disappointed to find otherwise. It would also be nice to see more variety in the anti-undead weaponry than just wraps.


    Lag: I didn't experience much of this myself, but apparently it was a serious issue for others I was testing with. My own (rather understaffed) level 16-20 instance was able to kill the dragon in well under a minute once it spawned with little issue; it felt like we were running Casual difficulty. I think lowering the amount of players per instance might be reasonable if the difficulty is going to be scaled down and lag is proving a problem.
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    Default 1 "per Day"

    Mabar was much more fun this time around than last year, for reasons already covered by others, but I have 1 big question regarding the signets: What EXACTLY is meant by "1 per day"?

    Is it 1 every 24 hours? Does a countdown timer start when I complete the quest, and only after 24 hours can I earn another signet?

    Is there a daily 'reset time'? For example the server 'day' starts at 00:00 GMT, so I can earn a signet at 23:55 on day 1, then earn another at 01:55 on day 2, but would have to wait until at least 00:01 on day 3 to earn the next one?

    The specifics of the timing on this could significantly affect how players schedule their gaming time around their real life.

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    Default True to this

    Quote Originally Posted by Slartipeutkwik View Post
    If you love to grind for things (and we know DDO is loaded w/ stuff such as crafting, greensteel, etc that requires grinding), then Mabar is right up a player's alley.
    This is sooo true. I have a full time career, a family, things that need to be done around the house, (Not to mention the Honey to do list) and things that I must do for other family members such as parents aunts and uncles. I don't see how anyone who actually has a real life as an adult has the time to grind out things like gs materials, scales, named loot. If the working adult was to do this in their free time then it would take YEARS and YEARS and then some more YEARS to complete. I personally don't have the time for this. When I log in I have about an hour max on weekdays to play and on the weekends maybe 3 hours max to play. So when I run a quest I EXPECT something worth a chit to drop on my first run because I do not live in my parents basement and therefore cannot sit there for hours on end grinding out for things. I have bills to pay. I have children that need attention and guidance. So yeah if you are unemployed, disabled or are a single person then grinding things in the game is right up your alley.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    Tonight only (6:00 PM until 12:00 AM Eastern, -4 GMT!) Visit Delera's Graveyard in House Jorasco to see a special preview of the Mabar Festival of Endless Night! Once you're done, come back here and tell us about your experience! Thanks, and have fun!
    no red mobs spawning in cr 26 to 30 nd only spawning u to cr 26 mobs real hassle half the mobs ya done get mats for when your 28

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildcard1978 View Post
    no red mobs spawning in cr 26 to 30 nd only spawning u to cr 26 mobs real hassle half the mobs ya done get mats for when your 28
    Uhh, what?

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    Same lengthy grind for High cost loot. Shadar Kai instead of Giant undead skelly...ok, but imo Mabar should be all undead. The main thing that hasn't changed that really needs to is the main event. There was so much lag when it started no one could move, several if not all instances failed, no scale and a lost key after hours of playing , and waiting for the dragon. Not Fun!

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    Default go and beta-test mabar for us..

    ...because we ourselves can't test it
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    for starters - i like mabar, i like the theme, i like the large and uncoordinated feel of the event, i like the loot. /disclosure.

    first problem: walked into the 8-13 band at level 10 and walked back out a few minutes later with a couple of black opals because everything died in 2 hits to my int/dex rogue TWFing ghostbanes, and barely dropped collectables. it was like playing on casual. my girlfriend ended up doing the 4-9 band on her korthos-geared level 3 ranger for the same reason. please spawn mobs at sensible power levels, kthx?

    there were the invisible, untargetable vampires that spam CC. having barely glimpsed at this thread i've noticed this was a common complaint. please don't let that happen for the event proper, it sucks. this is not the same as "challenge." it's just silly.

    there were lots of mobs - not just mummies - that spawned and lay back down, or half-spawned and weren't visible but could still be hit. the mobs are not in schrodinger's box. can they either spawn or not, please?

    on a related note, if they spawn, can they please spawn for long enough to do more than just tease us with the promise of potential collectibles? i repeatedly saw a bunch of mobs spawning, started running the few/several meters towards them, and saw them despawn inside of a couple of seconds. i was crushed, i tell you, crushed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ape_Man View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Troll View Post
    Think of it as trolling by not trolling.

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    Default Whats with 26-30?

    What a surprise, just went to the bank in harbour to get some gear for the level I just took on my TR and bam! Mabar bestowed
    No questions asked our Guild TR party hops on our epic toons. Get in to instance 1 for levels 26-30(no other instances at that point) and start cleaving away to get Blitz up. Epic moment, I hit the Blitz, 30% haste and 20% damage boost and plough into a mob of at least 20 monsters . ***, every monster dead and so was blitz
    Ok paying more attention this time I do the same, this time I'm watching the focus orb to see what mob I am actually obliterating. Not a single mob over 26, why when I am a level 28 is all the mob 2-6 levels lower than me?
    Not only is it near impossible for a level 28 to hold a epic moment, but non of the mob where dropping collectibles.
    My wife was on a level 25 and had no problems getting and maintaining Blitz.
    Eventually I was able to maintain blitz for about an hour, but in order to keep it going I was forced to steal every level 26 kill I could find(which is basically 1/10 mob).

    This cant be WAI, if the instance is for 26-30, why are all the mob lower than the instances level?
    Also what happened to red names, over an hour in the graveyard and out of the 5 of us, no one saw a red name.
    Where did vamp fangs go?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    Tonight only (6:00 PM until 12:00 AM Eastern, -4 GMT!) Visit Delera's Graveyard in House Jorasco to see a special preview of the Mabar Festival of Endless Night! Once you're done, come back here and tell us about your experience! Thanks, and have fun!
    All in all about the same as last year. A lot of lag when the dragon/spawns were near... and in our general area there were no summons (not even arti/druid pets).

    I worked mostly in 26-30... seems like either too little spawns or too big.

    Not sure how I like the sneakie living things in an undead event.. but then again I couldn't mass heal them to death. 26-30 Doesn't seem to have the varity of spawns I remember from last year in the 20-25.. is that just that tier?

    Sad to see no +6s... but hopefully here in the furture!
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    Most of what I'll say has probably be said, but I'll provide my feedback as well. The following is based on a 3rd life level 8 bard with a very bad build

    -> Monsters seem undertuned. Fighting in your level-appropriate CR range will rarely see you need to stop for heals. It was possible to keep going without needing to exit the graveyard except to replenish bard songs in CR12-16.
    -> Wights and Shadows barely seemed to scratch. Skeleton casters could deal 30% of one's hp with force missiles.
    -> Monsters can die so quickly sometimes that a lot of time is spent running around for a next spawn instead of fighting.
    -> Sometimes I would get the error of not receiving an item because the enemy was too low level for me. I think all times I got this was from the Wight variation.
    -> Drop rate seems very low and sometimes erratic. I could go 20 monsters in a row without a drop, then have 5 items drop from the next 3 monsters (yes, multiple drops per monster)
    -> I didn't encounter a single red-name, but that could be due to bad luck or others instakilling them.
    -> A key was consumed to enter the arena, but there were not enough players to cover every room, leading to those of us who enter practically waste a key. I can understand if this is by design though to make people form groups pre-emptively before entering.


    - Buff enemy hp to keep players in the designated CR range.
    - Increase drop rates proportionally to the hp buff to keep item harvest rate the same.
    - Slightly increase melee damage of melee opponents, slightly decrease damage of casters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qaliya View Post
    Actually, near as I can tell the "spawn griefing" is a myth. I think this is one thing they actually did fix.

    I just spent over an hour in the 26-30 zone with my level 13. Not one single solitary mob below CR20 ever spawned. It was liches and shadar-kai, just like everyone else spawned.

    (And no, I wasn't trying to grief anyone. I was killing the mobs.)

    I know people are getting those "too low" messages, but it's something else causing them.
    CR20 mobs are too low for level 26 - 30 players to get rewards. So yes, you are causing this for others.

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    This is a follow-up to my earlier post in this thread.

    In my first post, my experiences were in a full raid size group on Ghallanda in the 20-25 level range.

    After posting a complete lag-out that gave the server-disconnect and terminated my client, I posted in this thread. After that I logged back in to a smaller normal sized party (i.e. 6 person, non raid).

    In that party, we experienced much less lag. I personally observed a bit of hop-skipping, and a couple momentary freezes, although other people in my party reported a little more of this than I experienced.

    We also experienced significantly less over-spawning and its associated lag events. Even with another similar sized party active in our area.

    In this latter part, I also experienced significantly more "too weak to give" messages and a much slower drop rate. After a point, I started looking for other players who might be in the area, "lowbie griefers," but I didn't see any. In fact, the other players not of our party were all closer to the lvl 25 end of the spectrum, unlike us, who were all 20-22.
    That doesn't mean there weren't any. I have no idea how close they need to be to a spawn location. There were simply none I could observe.

    We received no dust or fangs. None. And we killed many Liches.

    My opinion is either tone down the a**-hunting Shadar-Kai, or the mobs throwing meteor strikes. (Asterisks are mine, BTW.)

    In an area with a high spawn rate, the Shadar-Kai are too much. Reduce their spawn rates/loci or whatever.

    With these numbers and aggressiveness, they're not "challenging," they're really freaking annoying. To the point where I'd chose not to run on epic levels, or snipe/pike from a "safe place" (the latter being less than optimally fun too, however just as "cheap" as your Shadar-Kai).

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoRinNoSho View Post

    Lastly, from a lore perspective, why were the Shatner-kai selected for an Ebberon event? I know they are hip, trendy, and now, but to them, Mabar is the place they go drinking when they get off work.
    nope, still the wrong plane

    Quote Originally Posted by lostgunman View Post
    L25 character in the L20-25 area...4/5 creatures are "under level". Lag zilla the entire time...

    So basically Mabar is bad as usual....why don't they just FIX the stuff we complain about instead of adding new stuff?
    so true

    Quote Originally Posted by Hendrik View Post

    The Spawn Griefing has returned!

    Had a L4, L9, and L14 all in the L26-30 Zone.

    Would not move. Ruined spawns for a whole lot of people.

    All of them reported.

    I was forced to report 13 toons last year (no mod reply, why turbine?)
    They were folowing our (high level) group around, we explained what they did and the results, their awnser was: i follow you for better spawns and drops.

    Quote Originally Posted by Qaliya View Post
    Actually, near as I can tell the "spawn griefing" is a myth. I think this is one thing they actually did fix.

    I just spent over an hour in the 26-30 zone with my level 13. Not one single solitary mob below CR20 ever spawned. It was liches and shadar-kai, just like everyone else spawned.

    (And no, I wasn't trying to grief anyone. I was killing the mobs.)

    I know people are getting those "too low" messages, but it's something else causing them.
    You're pressence lowers the average level, causing them to get all the messages.
    You are grieving!

    sight, failbar is back.

    Lack due to auto agro when mobs spawn.
    No incentive to run for high levels (no lv 28 gear nor +6 tomes???)
    Wrong plane emo assasins, where are our local shifter wherewolfs turbine?
    Nightmare effect still broken (it's on the cloak)
    Drop rate too low (fangs, dust)
    amount needed to open too high, remember, you already have lost a large amount of active players since the introduction of the event.
    Invised mobs should have damage numbers over their heads when you do hit them.

    please dev's, fix before moving on
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    Default Suggestion on fixing "too low" level monsters, and mention of horrible lag

    About the "too low" messages:
    Many times when you go into an x-y levels instance you see monsters much below CR x, because players of a lower level entered that instance.
    I can understand a lvl x-1 wanting to enter but there is no reason to hurt the proper level toons inside.

    Please set the minimum CR of mobs in an x-y cr instance to be x. even x+1.
    This is not a complete fix to the issue but it is better than the current situation. It also means that if a low level toon wants to get to that instance they will have to deal with the correct difficulty instead of imposing a lower diff on the entire instance.
    BTW, these players go to a higher level instance because of the level of mobs in their instance being too low. guess why that happens .

    About the lag:
    I went into a cr 25-28 instance of the dragon room. we had about 4 ppl in each room, and 2 on each lever.
    When the dragon showed up the lag was so bad i couldn't move, swap weapons, or attack.
    Firewalls and Blade Barriers died out, and the dragon and mobs were destroying the altars while they were defenseless.
    Needless to say the attempt failed.
    Can you do something about the horrible lag in there or at least advise on how to make it affect us to a lesser degree? If it's not a server/game issue you must have some idea on how players can reduce the impact on themselves.

    Aside from that thanks for the event, I like mabar (even though it's the same loot and all, it's a nice change for a limited time).

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    Default event

    all I could get was lich dust and the bones after a few hours...oh and 3 keys........did have a bit of lag only when 20 mobs spawned around me cause I was in a pack of casters started to dc a few times but that's getting to be expected.....always after any update my caster spells don't work right....fizzle....oh no where'd my spell finally going to die . I guess I got allot of stuff on my screen and some old gear that's probly what causes issues.

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    All of my experiences on Orien

    Good things:
    1) Had a spectral dragon instance (Level 12-17 I think) with 0 lag. It made the instance fairly easy, but other people in other level ranges were complaining of lagwipes, so it may be a mixed bag. Overall I was quite pleased with the lack of lag, at least for me.

    Bad things:
    1) Even as a level 13 in the 12-17 instance, I was getting "this creature is too weak." This was with normal wights and wraiths. All skellies I saw (which were blackbone knights and arcane archmages) were fine.
    2) Vampires seem bugged. I kept getting damaged by them and seeing the bat-effect, but never saw the vampire.
    3) Killed the higher end vampires (some weird name) and even after a bunch of us killing 15-20 of them, saw no fangs drop.
    4) I'd like to see some of the effects buffed. For example, the wraps are alot less useful than generic ghostbane items. The loot seems a bit underpowered compared to the as-of-late increased random generated loot power.

    Overall, there are still bugs, but at least in my case, the lack of lag in the dragon instance made everything ok. If I see lag in the actual event I will however be quite disappointed that the main complaint has not been fixed. (And seeing other people's components here, seems it may not have been fixed)

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    Default Thanks but ...

    Great to have a sneak peek but ... started really late for European players - please give us a chance.

    Kill stealing - only 2 red named liches and no red named vampires in 1 hour in CR20+ instances both of which yielded no return for my poor monk taking all the aggro and some ranged onlooker obviously reaping the benefit - please could you look at the spawn/drop rates.

    No black opals dropped at all for me

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    Default Undead? where??

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    Tonight only (6:00 PM until 12:00 AM Eastern, -4 GMT!) Visit Delera's Graveyard in House Jorasco to see a special preview of the Mabar Festival of Endless Night! Once you're done, come back here and tell us about your experience! Thanks, and have fun!
    There was not enough undead after level 20 and what undead was in the 20-24 wound up being to low to grant rewards. Where is the undead giants?

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    Default Soloed-never made it to the dragon

    I had never participated before in this but I had fun soloing with a level 20 monk on the highest level instance.

    I have not died as long as I can remember due to some greater mark of healing and speedy getaway power but it was so laggy I died three times..

    I healed myself at a quarter hit points but was barely able to click or switch weapons.. I would click and move on only to find I had already died somehow..

    I collected a thousand dust motes but was unable to locate where to turn them in in the time limit. I thnk perhaps having a few pumpkin vendors in different areas and zones might stop some of awful lag. Everyone seems to congregate in one area and that is best avoided. Those human assassins mobs are pretty tough. Kind of over the top really. The vampire lords and liches were fun but I never got a drop so I dont know if they were supposed to drop anything.....

    Thank you for your hard work. Its a graveyard so I wont complain about it being too dark to see...Maybe I could carry a light...

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