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    Default does monk past life purchasable feat disciple of fist increase damage in animal form

    I was wondering if the monk past life purchasable feat, disciple of the fist, increases your dice damage in animal form?

    For winterwolf, from 1d10 to 1.5(1d10)?
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    Yes, but I believe only if you're using handwraps. I haven't tried using other monk weapons.

    My Druid wolf build currently has 6[1d10] self-buffed.
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    Yes you can get up to a 7d10 17-18x3 19-20x6 with monk/druid and primal avatar. The last .5 is from the past life first lifers are at 6.5[1d10]

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    Me and some guys/gals did the calcs for this over here you can technically get up to 8.25[1d12] but its not a viable build and you crit ranged/multiplier is lower as well.

    Now the one thing we didn't get a chance to test before they closed Lama is whther or not Empty Hand Mastery increase Wolf Form to 1d12....its text says increases unarmed damage to d8 which is normally d6 so is it coded as a die increase or is it just a flat change to d8 the fromer would cause wolf form to become d12 the latter would actually reduce it to d8.
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