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Thread: Warchanter help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silikin View Post
    looked up fury, found two things, a greatsword and an ED.
    Kinda off topic, but the greatsword had Wounding. Does wounding stack with itself, i.e. if I hit someone 3 times with a Wounding weapon will they take 3 CON damage?
    Fury as mentioned was the ed, with wounding yes that is the way it works it stacks but as you get higher and higher level mobs get more and more resistant to it, eh difficulty and higher there's no point in using such a weapon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silikin View Post
    Making my first bard, and it's a warchanter. The only definites are that it will use a 2 handed weapon, and it will be either Human or Half-Elf.

    What race, stats, feats, and if a half-elf, dilittente should I take?
    Quote Originally Posted by Silikin View Post
    Oh, and another definite: No splashing in the class pool

    no splashing, huh? hmmm. darn. there go my favorite ideas. lol (even if you didn't splash barb or fighter, 2 rogue is sooooo useful!)

    anyways... human is good for the extra feat. h-elf is potentially good for dilly (there is even the potential for silliness)

    i am assuming first life, 32 point build. how far into epic levels are you likely to take this when you get there?

    considering i don't know the answers to my previous questions... places i would start with are:

    1. start with at LEAST 15 str (unless you have, or anticipate, access to a +3 or better str tome. then you can start lower) - all level-ups into strength - pick up overwhelming crit at 24th (21st level feat would be inspire excellence)
    2. having surprisingly low charisma is fine... keeping perform skill maxed and a +perform item is more than enough to have a sky-high fascinate. 14 is fine. also, if you go half elf, dilly paladin lets you add up to +5 of your charisma bonus to your saves (high enhancement cost to do so, but without a multiclass, it's less stressing on your available points.)
    3. must have feats: power attack, cleave, great cleave, improved crit: slash, metamagic: extend spell. toughness is slightly less imperative than it once was, but is still good to have
    4. optional feats to chose from once you've allowed for the must haves: empower heal, THF chain, dragonmark of passage (if human)
    5. epic feats: inspires excellence at 21, overwhelming crit at 24. beyond this i don't know, if anyone cares to fill in.
    6. recommended eds: legendary dreadnought to get momentum swing (improved power attack also nice), fury of the wild for sheer damage and the aforementioned auto-granted THF feats in the epic moment.
    7. must have spells: haste, rage, displacement, otto's irresistible dance, greater heroism, and (at low levels) master's touch. beyond that, take what suits your fancy.

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