Helf is not a free race. I guess that turbine is interested in selling it. But U19 have killed the race. Half-elves have nothing special outside his dilettante. Humans are a superior race: more skill points, a feat of free choice, better and easier access to healing amplification. What is unique and special to Helf, which makes it useful, is its unique capabilities of dilettante. The basic dilettante feat is garbage- we need improve it with APs. The improved dilettante can be very useful- the helf is popular for this improved dilettante.

But now those dilettantes have excessive costs. I tried to use them after U19, but the cost is excessive and often prohibitive. The dilettante has almost doubled his cost and with the new mechanical (points invested in tree, not in total), 17 APs is prohibitive.

Today I would not buy this race. I do not recommend to anyone to buy it. Today is a subpar race and everything that it gives, human gives it better. Turbine, please. You are killing a payment option. You are hurting your sales. Fix the dilettante cost, because today this race is not practical!