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    Default SWSE Droid Pilot..and ONLY a pilot (AKA Sentient Ship)

    So a little backstory

    - Everyone (including the DM) agrees we need a pilot

    - No one wants to be a pilot

    - The DM has agreed to let us build a droid pilot

    - This is a Lvl 1-20 premade campaign (so obviously this droid and everyone else will be lvl 1 to start...not sure what level we get the ship and droid)

    - The DM is a first-timer, I'm the normal DM hence why I'm building the droid

    - This is the first time we've ever done a star wars campaign so even I'm unfamiliar with the system

    - The Droid will be unable to leave the ship as he's technically part of it...think EDI from Mass Effect mixed with Wheatley from Portal 2 or even Max from Flight of the Navigator. This is just fluff and doesn't limit any chassis or class choices.

    - So far I've found a few good options for a pilot but most guides/builds focus on making a pilot non-useless off the ship...we don't have that worry.

    - Were limited to the core rulebook but I may be able to convince the DM to let us use a single other book (heard "scavengers guide to droids or w/e is really good)

    - We need a ship that can accommodate the whole party which so far consists of:

    An Ewok Force User (Me)

    A Droid Scoundrel w/ plans to go gunslinger

    Scout or Soldier that will be a Bounty Hunter

    A Sith focused on being a front line fighter

    A force power focused Sith that was kicked out of the academy for insisting the sith were misinterpreting the Sith Mantra and continues as such

    The last one is unsure...wants to be a jedi but would have the same issue a Paladin would with the rest of the party its full of Siths (Blackguards) and Neutral characters.

    So including the droid pilot that's 7 people. Also said ship needs to be able to dock easily at most space stations/planets and not require a massive crew like a star destroyer or something...the Ebon Hawk from SWTOR is a good size...but apparently a pretty crappy ship in SWSE :P

    Anyways that said Here's what i got so far

    - The Wealth talent from noble is pretty much essential...not sure how to fluff out a droid noble who is also a sentient ship though...feel free to make suggestions

    - Ace pilot (durrr)

    - Dexterity/Wisdom are the most important stats with int as a decent tertiary

    - There's quite a few feats/talents that will make the crappy non-pilots helpful to the droid pilot such as Wingman + Squadron Maneuvers

    - Good skills are: Pilot, Use PC, Acrobatics and Mechanics

    - Treat Injury is a good skill to have since our droid is gonna have a high wis...we'll treat it as a med bay fluff wise.

    - Getting your Pilot skill as high as possible is essential

    - There's so pretty obvious feats to take like Vehicular Combat

    So ummm...yeah that's pretty much all I know I could really use some suggestions on how to have this guy be effective from Lvl 1 - 20 (again not sure when we will find said ship)...luckily since he's a droid most random level selections can just be hand-waved by saying thats just how he was programmed but It would be better to have some actual fluff to back it up so feel free to suggest that as well.

    Feel free to ask for any more info that might help and I'll respond ASAP
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