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    Default Coming back..please help me decide

    So my main was an artificer but since I returned I have not been happy about the changes to my class, mainly the enhancements skills.

    I have played a sorc before and enjoyed it but my wife plays one and really don't want the same character. I want to be a casting class only and narrowed it down to druid or favored soul/cleric. I am thinking druid is my best choice but I have not played on at the high end to decide. I will always be teamed with my wifes sorc so if that helps you factor things in let me know. My only worry about the cleric/FVS is that they are mainly spells that have narrow use while cast spells are usually a lot more powerful to all types. Druid is temping because it seems I get some good caster spells but also get great healing and none of the drawbacks that cleric casting does.

    Would a caster druid and sorc be a great combo? What would be better? Any advice would be great, My character is 36 point build with 8 past lives (all sorc and wizard for the caster stuff). I can make and get gear that's needed.

    Thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaysun View Post
    Would a caster druid and sorc be a great combo? What would be better?
    Yes I guess. While I can't tell about it specifically, with my first life Wiz I played many quests together with a Druid mate, which was great. The Wolf Companion and/or a melee Hire can bind targets in the front, while both of you nuke them down from a distance. With 8 past lives I guess traps are no issue anymore, otherwise I'd recommend to splash one or two Rogue levels.

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