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    Question Are "Ghost Touch" and "Ethereal" broken?

    I am getting "Incorporeal" results from attacking monsters when I am using an old-school Ghost Touch weapon (not Ghostbane, Ghost Touch), and also on a different character when I am wearing Ethereal Bracers.

    I believe I should never be getting "Incorporeal" when fighting these monsters with this equipment.

    Am I just wrong? Or seeing things? Or did the implementation of Ghostbane break the older ways we had for dealing with wraiths and the like?

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    Are you running with a hire? Their misses and incorps will show up on the screen together with yours if that's the case.

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    Are you sure it's not incoming attacks that are registering as that, or maybe a pet/hireling's attacks? I've had it a couple times wondering "hey, i've got ghost touch! oh, wait, i forgot I'm wearing X" as there's a lot of ways to get it now.
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    I saw this a lot on my arti, when it was an arti and the dog didn't have ghost touched/ghost bane. I also see it from hires.

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    ah, hirelings, good thought. I'll pay closer attention to their actions when I am seeing combat results I don't understand.

    Thanks for the insight!

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    I was seeing this long before Ghostbane showed up, so if there is a problem, it's not likely to be due to Ghostbane.

    I can't rule out that what I was seeing was due to my own equipment.

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