I don't know about you guys, but I've been waiting for new Sorc/Wiz and Clr/FS spells for like the last 6 or 7 updates. Every time a new update comes out I go and check for spells excitedly and have been let down each time. To be honest, playing casters is just getting kinda old with the same bag of tricks that we've had forever now. So, everyone feel free to post your new spell suggestions here and lets come up with some good ones.

Also, please give us epic 10th level spells! In regular D&D epic level spells start somewhere around lv 22. Here we are with a cap of 28 still using our old hat 9th lv spells. Yes I know they're kinda OP and they should have SP costs accordingly, but really, they're just that great and we need a new dynamic to the game.

Here are some of my suggestions to start us off:
Enlarge/Reduce Person/Monster: Tons of fun.
Baleful Polymorph: Hilarious, and classic
Black Tentacles: No tentacle joke inserted ;P
Blink: much like blur but incorporeal miss chance rather than displacement type.
Confusion Lesser/Greater: Like charm except confused monsters still attack each other if you manage to get all of them as well as the party if nearby.
Consecrate: Area buff
Summon Swarm/Planar Ally: Variety
All the Bigby spells: Very useful, not about to pull out the "handy" pun.
Death Knell: Gain Temporary HP, SP, and or spell power buffs for being close to killed enemies.
Dimensional Anchor: Prohibit enemy teleport.
Disguise Self: Pass as an enemy, at least for a while.
Wall spells: Wall of stone, ice, gears, zombies, light, prismatic, illusory, whatever, walls are awesome
Mage Sword: Create a dancing force blade
Prismatic Sphere: Heavy defense
Resilient Sphere: Protection or enemy isolation
Reverse Gravity: If the stormreaver can cast it, why not us?
Shadow Conjuration/Evocation, regular and Greater: Make being an illusion focus worth while.
Vampiric Touch: Gain Hp with damage.

These and many more will breathe some new life into being a caster.