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    Default 3rd life Warchanter looking for long term LR/TR melee solution

    My 3rd life character a 15bard/3rogue/2fighter warchanter/trapper/two weapon fighter build for all intensive purposes has puttered out.

    She is lvl 26 and I feel she has lost a significant step since the update, I have found she has become more so a backup healer with cocoon, moderate saves and a caster lvl AC rather than any significant dps contribution. The original goal of the build was a "swiss army knife" fascinate + trap + twf melee (avg dps) + evade + heal scroll self and to a lesser degree the party.

    Was an amazing heroic build but only now an average epic toon sporting 54 str.. 700hp and 600sp. (with almost complete destiny tree completion) I would really appreciate some help turning her around into an amazing epic toon within 1-2 lives possibly with an LR out of the true neutral bard life + a TR into a new toon build.

    I only have two rules, otherwise any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I would like to use most of my current gear.. including epic black dragonscale light armor + helm.. 2 lit2 khopesh, halcyon boots, ring of deceit, stormreaver's tablecloth, rebellion and celestia. (also a large collection of khopesh)
    *note: not all the gear has to be used and i understand some will be sacraficed

    2. Would prefer a very survivable class with a self healing skill, decent hp and/or enemy miss chance with evasion.

    no races or classes are off the table tho.. this toon has 2 paladin lives previous to the bard life. Also this toon has +3 of every tome and a +4 in charisma and dexterity i believe.

    Thank you for your time and your thoughts

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    lr solution? 17bard 2fighter 1 cleric

    cleric gets you full ranks in heal and divine might.
    since your cha isn't fully dumped it should boost your dps nicely
    combine this with stunning blow and tactics and haste boost from kensai
    run in ld or fotw

    should note I went thf rather than twf for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theforgottenqueen View Post
    My 3rd life character a 15bard/3rogue/2fighter warchanter/trapper/two weapon fighter
    I see 2 courses of action available to you; The first is polishing your current build concept, the other is abandoning it and going for something a little different.
    lets begin with a build that is in line with what you have now:
    I believe you can improve on your current build by going for 15 bard / 3 ranger / 2 rogue.

    suggested feats:
    0. twf (auto-granted from ranger)
    1. power attack
    2. improved twf
    3. improved crit: Slashing
    4. khopesh
    5. greater twf
    6. extend
    7. empower healing

    you'd keep your evasion and your khopeshs, you'd also get more devotion out of ranger than you would out of that cleric splash that's been suggested... not to mention ranger tempest / stalker trees are far more useful. (+ sneak attack dice, +10% off hand strikes, shield AC bonus, PRR, etc etc... )

    with only 7 heroic feats required, the race is totally up to you.

    so that's the first option...

    the other is to accept the fact your dps will never be uber, and look for a different avenue to be effective in melee. for me the conclusion was going for twf with sacrificial daggers and assassin tier 5 enhancement, making them a 30% crit weapon that neg levels on crits.
    a possible split for such a build would be 15 bard / 5 rogue.
    in this case I would go human, and use the extra feat to squeeze in improved crit : Piercing. this would allow you to keep using your khopesh if you so desire, and use sacrificial daggers when appropriate.

    hope this helps.

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