I love playing Druids and Archers, so of course I had to make a Druid Archer. I had a lot of fun with my 13 Druid Moncher, so I decided to make one with more casting and melee.

My character is a 36 point build with a few monk and ranger past lives. I have all +3 tomes with a couple +4 tomes. I am not going to list the breakdown of my stats, but with tomes and level ups I have 23 str for OW critical, 19 dex for IPS, and everything else into wisdom.

Once I finish leveling my destinies, I plan on twisting Prism, Double Rainbow, and Rejuvanative Coccoon.

I went with Elf, because well you know, Half Elves are fugly.

The character is Jyni on Thelanis, and I am currently banking level 16.

Here is the build:

Elf: 14 Levels: 17Druid, 2Monk, 1Ranger
• Elven Accuracy I 1
• Aerenal Weapon Training I 2 Heroic Feats:
• Elven Dexterity I 2 Power Attack (Monk)
• Elven Accuracy II 1 Cleave
• Aerenal Weapon Training II 2 Great Cleave
• Arcanum 2 Precision (Monk)
• Arcane Archer 4 Maximize Spell
Nature’s Warrior: 13 Point Blank Shot
• Nature’s Warrior 1 Rapid Shot
• Bestial Nature (x3) 3 Manyshot
• Athletic 1 Bow Strength (Ranger)
• AB: Double Strike (x2) 2 Precise Shot
• Vengeful Hunter (x2) 2
• Wisdom (x2) 4
Season’s Herald: 17 Epic Feats:
• Seasoned 1 Overwhelming Critical
• Beguile (x3) 3 Imp. Precise Shot
• Wand Heighten (x2) 2 IC: Ranged
• Wand and Scroll Mastery (x2) 2
• Efficient Maximize (x3) 3 Destiny Feats:
• Time 1 Holy Strike
• Tide 1 Doubleshot
• Wisdom (x2) 4
Arcane Archer: 36
• Arcane Archer 1
• Conjure Arrows 2
• Energy of the Wild (x2) 2
• Morphic Arrows 1
• Force Arrows (x3) 6
• Metalline Arrows 1
• Soul Magic 1
• Terror Arrows (x3) 6
• Smiting Arrows 1
• Banishing Arrows 1
• Paralyzing Arrows (x3) 3
• Aligned Arrows 1
• Wisdom (x2) 4
• Arrow of Slaying 2
• Runebow 2
• Moonbow 2

Originally, I planned on using Deepwood Sniper for the positive sp boost, but they are nerfing that. Grrrr....
At first I was very upset, but then I realized that I could get more wisdom, so ok.

One question I will answer ahead of time is why all the paralyzing? Enervation bow, and Icy Mantle for extra crowd control. I may change it, but I want to test it first.

Ok, bring on the insults...