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    I'd like to call us a raiding guild but DDO has pulled that carpet out from beneath everyone of late. Raising the level cap without raising the difficulty of the raids is a very effective way to try and remove both challenge and goals from the player base. Bravo, Turbine, you've figured out a way to bleed paying players from the game. What is the latest build that will be most effective in endgame...oh, wait.

    However, our small, tight crew has maintained. So we five or six man ee, whatever works. TR cycles remain, always, but we break from that zone twice a week and meet up for what remains of endgame. Want to see if you can tank Stormreaver? Done. Still want a monk burst damage ring from ToD...done. It's up to you, name your challenge. Let's face it folks, those that remain are addicts. Will there be a switch come The Elder Scrolls Online...maybe, but that is next year. In the meantime, gather up...and venture forth...gather being the key word here.

    There's really only three things when it comes to rules:

    -show up twice a week.
    -don't be a toolbox, this guild is your team, after all.
    -don't be a loot crazed $%$^&%.

    Granted, the game change has negated a large portion of #3.

    We stand at 6 at present. We would like to recruit the same. This does mean that absorbing a group is on the table...provided we like one another. You and your buddy all that really remains in your guild? It doesn't have to be that way. Contact Ursulah/Cognitive/Anitah or Kv/Kvirnoj/Kveral/Kvaroq and set up a meet and greet over raids. We'll run FoT together and see how we gel.

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    Default joining ?

    hey i see you are looking for a new member i have a level 2 ranger and a level 1 paladin and would not mind to create a new character i am not sure what level character and i can play everyday but wednesday and thursday and i am a f2p player
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