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    Quote Originally Posted by Qhualor View Post
    TR doesn't involve more quests. its the same quests over and over again. all that TR does for those that enjoy end game is keep players busy gaining some kind of progression until there is something to gain at cap. what happens when there is nothing still to do at cap after they have grown tired of TRing or gotten all the past lives they want? what happens when new quests are beaten an hour after release and any loot of value to the players farmed out in a month? it goes right back to an end game that is dead, kinda like right now.
    TR does involve more quests, that's just a silly argument. I could count up the amount of quests from 1-28 and give a relative comparison to how many quests you'd think would be involved in this new endgame revamp, but I hope we can both agree that the level 1-28 will be higher.

    The exact same question you're asking can be extended to a loot-centric grinding endgame. What happens once you get your loot? Do you stand on the ship, linking the loot in chat? Do you regrind the same raids you just spent all that time grinding to get the loot? If people are willing to regrind raids once they get all the loot, then why must raids be constantly developed with the best loot to get people to run them? What happens? All non-pvp games reach a point where there's nothing left to do. TR at least gives you the ability to continue playing the game with the same identity. If that isn't for you, consider the game won and move on. There's nothing whatsoever wrong with that. I've quit playing many games due to this exact reason.

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    For me the future of DDO is casual. Without an extensive PvP system, I don't think there will be enough hardcore gamers to make the grinds of yore viable population wise. Casual gaming is probably better for humanity overall anyhow.

    FWIW I love TRing and replaying content with different builds. It is definitely one of the best systems they have designed for this game, and I think I would have a tough time playing any game without a similar system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Troll View Post
    My opinions are facts.
    The fact about your opinions is that they are not significant
    Dystopia = utopia achieved

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