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    Default Crates and Barrels and Vases - OH MY!

    Long ago in a distant land, there was a great wizard by the name of Otto. He toiled endlessly until one day, he perfected the dungeon reconstruction and separation spell, also known as DRaSS. Each time an adventurer steps into a dungeon, an eternal ward of DRaSS is set off and timed. The spell takes a captured form of the dungeon, pre-adventure and sets off an implosion when the dungeon has been emptied for several minutes, or is reset by the Divine Evocation Specialists (DEVs) special button. Post implosion, the captured, unmolested dungeon is conjured into existence and, to complete the process, an echo of Otto himself resets the ward, ready for the next group of adventurers to break and kill, so that his work may be appreciated, but never recognized.

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    Post-instance House Phiarlan illusionary-sprites collect all the splinters, detritus and debris.
    this wood is then pulped and used as a raw material to manufacture blank scrolls ready to be inscribed with spells.
    (Ofc while performing this task the sprites inspect what was in the crates prior to being smashed to keep track on who's moving what around Stormreach.)

    Any metal The Silver Flame has a nice side line in discarding the unwanted metal into the Rift to prevent a limitless source of food for rust monsters in order to keep the numbers down.
    The junk metal floats around in the Rift, out of sight out of mind.
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    The Kobold Kleanup Krew is a commensal group of intrepid kobolds that stealthily follow adventurers around wherever they go, carefully amassing all the scrap material left in the wake of tempestuous exploits whilst avoiding harm to themselves. It is this powerful entrepreneurial organization which not only drives the scrap material market of Eberron, but in recent years has also cornered the lucrative business of assembling crates, barrels, and tasteful found-art sculptures from the recycled materials they have collected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tellsien View Post
    It's collected by the deity responsible for the inanimate object portfolio: Crateos. He collects their parts and marks down adventurers who have slain them and stolen their loot so that may suffer retribution at a later date. At least, that's what my barrel friend says.
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