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sorry this games broken more than it works I want money back and my accounts closed after a month of posting sending in for help but nothing got fixed only got crappy ... then when I tell ingame support just fix the ****ing **** and stop giving me excuses they go and ban me not I don't want too spend 200 bucks a month here I wanna spend it else were now if their is going too be an issues with you returning my money that's find ill just see you in court instead ive tried to find a way to end this account but your ban on me had made it too were I cant do this witch not you have my credit card information and will auto take from it so just end this account and return my money.
if you want your accounts ended, just logon to the website (or game) and cancel your subscription and/or remove your payment info.

$200 a month?? That's odd because the game only costs $15/month, $30/3 months, there is a 6months sub and a yearly subscription which is only $100/year.

GM have no control over the game (for what you are complaining about). If you have issues with account services, call customer service. If you come across issues with the game as you are playing, submit a bug report. it's that simple!