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    Just wanted to thank all of you who have helped or endured my "help" over the last few years. I finished Bladeforged's druid life last night. When I started I just wanted a solid build, then the TR system came out and I started down the long road. It has been fun and at times frustrating. It stinks when one day you can dual wield pretty well as a caster cleric and the next day they change the system so you only have a % chance to swing off hand.

    The biggest thing I have noted was that lack of PRR. I hope this is changed in the future. I understand that they need something to offset the instaheal nuke bomb sorc.

    Anyhow once I figure out the whole screen shot and get the next life up to 3rd I will post the photo.

    Thanks again,


    1st WF FVS 20
    2nd WF Wiz 18 Rog2
    3rd WF Cleric 20
    4th WF Pally 20
    5th WF Rngr12 Ftr6 Rog2
    6th WF Barby 20
    7th WF Ftr12 Barb6 Rog2
    8th WF 20 Artificer
    9th WF 20 Sorc Muddy
    10th WF 13 Rog, 6 mnk, 1 ftr Big Stick
    11th WF 20 Warchanter
    12th WF Monk 20
    13th WF Druid 18/ Monk 2

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    Grats old friend

    Hope you enjoy your final build!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowspeaker View Post
    6th WF Barby 20
    Poor healing TR bud.

    Good job on the achievement! Nicely done! Really impressive!

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