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    The idea behind this build was to try the stealthy playstyle, now that it's been changed to actually work. unfortunately while sneaking around is a lot of fun, it was too slow for my liking.... and so I ventured to make a faster sneaking build, and make it a useful toon to have in a party. not just sneaking for the sake of sneaking.

    I should note that this is not a min/max build, nor would it be the best build to bring into a raid. If that is what you're after, move along, nothing to see here

    The Basics:
    3 classes offer faster sneaking enhancements: ranger, rogue and monk. when taking all 3 you end up moving at normal run speed while sneaking.
    monk also offers a movement speed increase, as well as abundant step. very useful to have in general, and specifically when trying to sneak past mobs.
    halfling for hide / move silently racial bonuses, and for self healing (adds to what you'll be getting from the monk levels)

    Class split: 16 monk / 3 ranger / 1 rogue

    Least Dragonmark of healing
    Stunning Fist
    Weapon finesse
    Imp. twf
    IC. Bludgeon
    Greater twf
    Grandmaster of forms

    Notable Enhancements:
    Ninja spy and halfling are the main trees. (spy granting +30% damage to helpless targets, and both trees adding to your sneak attacks)
    Obviously take the faster sneaking enhancements from all 3 classes, and whichever hide/move silently enhancements you have available.
    Positive spell power and Imp. Weapon Finesse from Deepwood Stalker (bugged at the moment and not working with wraps, but hopefully would be fixed soon)

    Notable skills (in order of importance):
    Hide (max)
    Move Silently (max)

    end result - a character that is regularly stealthed, moving so fast (+abundant step) that it's normally way ahead of the party. spotting traps and mobs, jumping out of stealth to pick off (stun-kill) casters and archers as soon as the party engages them. hence, the scout.

    this character was (and is) a lot of fun to play, and surprisingly got me more than my fair share of kills... probably due to always being one step ahead of everyone, and preying on the weak
    hope you'd enjoy it as much as I am.
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