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    Default What were you thinking?

    After running a Tracker's Trap on Heroic Elite, I have to wonder, what was Turbine thinking when they decided how much exp to give for this?

    It is quite a long quest, and fairly difficult on elite too. The base exp is 14k, with a greater tome and 50% bravery. With a 20% pot, 5% ship buff, 20% daily, and 5% voice, it totaled 20k.

    Why is the exp so bad? After repeated complaints about Amrath and Cannith xp, you made one that is as bad or worse? It makes it not even worth doing the expansion quests at heroic levels.

    A simple enough fix would be to just double the base exp on these quests. Giving 40k for a quest that takes a minimum of 30 minutes to complete is not a bad thing. It would make it far more attractive.
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    My theory on the U19 Stormhorns quests worth doing on heroic difficulties (A Break in the Ice, Tracker's Trap) is that they're very rough on Elite. The HP bloat is insane, things hit hard, and it's just not super enjoyable to kite a giant around a small room for 3 minutes. It is weird how giant kiting applies to both.

    But... once you've endured the elite run, a normal farm is very, very fast in both.

    So, while I'd definitely also like to see elite (and epic elite for the record) given xp commensurate with the time and difficulty differences from normal, my view for now is that heroic is like the difficult opening of a stubborn jam lid on a can of sweet, sweet honey.

    ...The honey is the normal xp farming in case my excellent simile was unclear. The simile also assumes you are a bear.
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