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    Lightbulb Returning player/advice needed

    After a few other game(Gw2,LOL,Dota2 etc) a i decided to "restart" DDO again.
    I stopped playing before the first exp pack, so for me this whole ED thing strange/new/bit confusing.
    At this moment i dont own any new advanture pack, but at the end of the month i would like to buy the exp packs.
    (btw, what is the most efficient way to grab new stuffs? just get the 2 exp pack, or buy points and skip a few thing?)

    I would like to get a few tip/guide about the new content, and i need serious help with my characters.
    As i saw we got free +20 hearts so i can rebuild my characters.
    I have 5 character but 3 of them is okay, 2 healer and a lvl 15 sorc.
    But my other characters....
    I have a 19 rogue/ 1 monk. When i TRed him he was okay, stun-sneak attack-win.
    PL: Barb, Monk
    And my other character is my "main". Atm he is a lvl 12 TWF Warchanter with ftr/rogue splash for extra dmg and trapping. He has Ranger(tempest),Barb(was twf),Rogue(str DA build), Fighter(kensei twf) pastlives.
    He was dwarf and TWF in all life, i would like to keep this, i love it.

    If some1 can help me and create a build around my rogue or my bard i would appriciate it.
    (maybe i open a topic in the build section if i cant get a build here)
    For the rogue i want to keep his unarmed style, maybe 12ftr 6 monk or smiliar could work?
    For the bard i have no idea what is working now. Im up for anything just keep in mind he is a dwarf with 2 GS DA.

    Any other notes: I just have +2 tomes, and i cant afford +3 or +4, no exp packs/new adv packs, so my gear is just the old stuffs (GS, old raid loot, a few epic etc).
    Epic lvl packs i own: Red Fens, VoN, Sentinels, Phiarlan Carnival, Demon Sands, GH.
    While im waiting for my money can i start the epics for exp or the exp packs are better?

    Anyway, thanks for any help, and for your time while reading my post(and sry for my english).

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    I can't help you with the new expansion stuff because I haven't bought any of it and don't plan to for a while, but I would definitely recommend looking at the rogue and monk class forums for some good builds. This thread looks like something you might be interested in, for example:

    The great thing about that one is that the Assassin rogue enhancement tree and Ninja Spy monk enhancement tree has some great stuff that will stack together nicely for unarmed, qstaff, daggers, whatever you want to build around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tibi6893 View Post
    at the end of the month i would like to buy the exp packs.
    (btw, what is the most efficient way to grab new stuffs? just get the 2 exp pack, or buy points and skip a few thing?)
    The best way to buy expansion packs is in the online market, not the in-game store. The market is located by clicking the Store at very the top of this forum page and choosing Market.

    The cheapest way to get both expansions is to add Shadowfell standard edition ($30) to your cart, then go to your cart and from there choose to add the Menace of the Underdark standard edition for half price. $17.50 instead of the normal $35. This half-off deal is only available from your cart and only if shadowfell is in your cart.

    Both standard editions come with 1000 TP, so for this single $47.50 (plus tax?) purchase you get:

    Both Shadowfell packs
    All three MotU packs
    Eveningstar challenges
    4 "classic" adventure packs (which you probably already own)
    Epic Destinies
    Veteran stats 4 (which you probably already unlocked)
    1 greater tome of learning (heroic)
    1 lesser tome of epic learning
    1 skill tome +1
    1 character slot
    2000 TP

    That's a pretty solid deal for $47.50 (plus tax?). Figure 2000 TP is worth $20 during a double bonus point deal (1950 TP for $19.99) so you can think of it as getting a $20 double bonus point bundle plus both expansion standard editions for $15 each.

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    If you're patient, cheap, and not interested in Shadowfell (at least right now), another option would be to wait for the MotU CE to go on sale for half-price ($17.50) by itself. It's done so at least twice since it came out last summer, so I presume it will go on sale again eventually. Then wait for the inevitable sale on Shadowfell as well; that probably saves you 15 bucks in the long run. Though what you do while waiting for these hypothetical sales is another matter...
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    Quote Originally Posted by unbongwah View Post
    If you're patient, cheap, and not interested in Shadowfell (at least right now)......... Then wait for the inevitable sale on Shadowfell.........
    Thats my plan, learned my lesson last time paying full price for MoTU........

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