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Let's just agree to disagree on everything here. I have my reasons why I suggest it this way, and I'm sure you have yours.

OP Pay attention here - I actually play a WF Sorc...and Wizza believes it is a poor race for a Sorc. (Which is true if you're going CC - not no-save Shiradi)


Please understand where I'm coming from here - everyone has different ways to play and there is no right/wrong way to play or level. I've played Wizza's way (first life Sorc) which worked, but today requires you LR once you get to 20 or when you get into Shiradi destiny if you haven't unlocked it yet. And by the way - if you haven't unlocked the Shirai Destiny yet, you've got a tough run through the martial destiny circle, so get a good group together to farm XP in whatever way you can.

The path I choose requires no LR, just a re-working of enhancements when you get to 20 (Shiradi Unlocked). And once you're in Epic Content, you'll want MT, IMT, EMT for SP and the Crit chance - especially in Shiradi for critical Procs.
The path you chose is suboptimal for leveling. If you don't want to LR or swap feats, sure go ahead with it otherwise you are better off LRing at cap.

Suggesting a suboptimal build for the majority of the gamet so you don't have to LR is just..suboptimal to me. I'd rather waste some plat on a heart of wood (or you can use the free LR and the free LR+20 if you still have them) than wasting 3 feats on EMT.

To each their own, I guess.