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    Default Chains to do at least once? And per life?

    Hi all,

    Recently got bitten by the TR bug, and am nearing the end of my second life now. I let alot of things pass me in my first life because I didn't much like the class, but figured I'd pick them up in the second life instead. Even with the increased XP requirement, I still find I'm missing a few things...

    - Necro 3 - I never did complete this. I ignored it almost completely on my first life, and in my second life I just CANNOT get a group together for the Blight dungeon.
    - Necro 4 - Again, I left my first life with 2 pieces missing, only ever ran Ghosts of Perdition and Temple of Vol. Now nearing the end of my second life, I STILL have not managed to run the others. Or get flagged for Litany.
    - Gianthold - Never got near it, just sailed past the whole level range. I really should I think. Seeing that I'm an arti this life and will probably use an arti-leveller the next life, some of those runearms are NICE. Plus I believe the dragons are a good, fun, epic-feeling scrap.
    - Vale of Twilight - I hate all of these dungeons. Hate em. I did manage to complete my signet stone before I TR'd last time, but yuck. I should probably do them again though, I guess. Very hard to get a group.
    - Attack on Stormreach - never got around to this either.
    - Red Fens - never got there.
    - Cannith Challenges - I'd actually love to run these to see what they're like. I've tried soloing one or two but without any real success. But I never see groups for them (I'm a PUGger).

    Anything else anyone thinks should be run?

    a) Once - i.e. for gear to hand forward
    b) Per Life - i.e. for gear needed in "this" life. (or flagging obviously)


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    The Vault of Night chain in house K is pretty good for XP and you can flag for the raid which is run pretty often on my server.
    Reign of Madness is a pretty fun chain with some decent loot as well. The ones you mention are all pretty good. If you havent
    done Gianthold i recommend it. I actually like the Vale quests. Usually pretty easy to find a group for them.
    Forgot, to mention Ruins of Threnal. Its a decent chain for loot but not my favorite.
    Good luck
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    Tangleroot for flesh render visors, unless you're a divine that can cast death ward. It's also a great little chain for doing solo while you wait for groups. The levels advance such that you do a couple of the quests and then wait for the next level to do the next.

    Threnal is similar, some good xp if you can stand a couple of the bad quests. End reward is mantle of the worldshaper. Nice alternative to voice of the master.

    Deleras. great xp, voice end reward. Difficult to solo.

    Necro 3 is pretty horrible, but great xp if you can find a good group. They're way easier on normal (or even hard) so learning them now while you're not hurting for xp is a great way to open the door for doing them in later lives for max xp. A lot of the Necro quests are hard or impossible to solo, so that makes it even worse. But the shadow and cursed crypts are massive xp, and staples of power levelers.

    Gianthold and Vale are musts. For the raids if nothing else, but there's tons of xp in either pack. I don't know how many times I've done the vale slayer to get the last couple ranks to 20. Some people hate the slayer, but i save up slayer count pots that i win in daily rolls, and get a good party going. It's not hard at all to make 50k xp in a half hour in there that way. If you can stand it, hitting 5000 slayers is over 100k xp, not counting all the xp leading up to it.

    Shan to Kor is also great xp and easily soloable, especially if you can do traps or have evasion. It's like waterworks on steroids.

    If you planning on doing a completionist and playing on a regular basis, you might want to consider vip. You can enter all quests on elite, you get a xp bonus, you get all packs, 500 tp a month, and it's only $8.22 a month if you pay up front. I just don't eat lunch out a couple days every month and call it even. Once you're done with completionist, you can always drop it and buy the packs you like. It may be slightly more money in the long run, but there's a convenience factor that I think is worth it.
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    I thought you meant Chains of Flame.

    Which was kind of funny for me. In four years I had played DDO I never did ADQ or its prerequisites -- until this week. I have a level 18 third-lifer, and given she reached 2400 favor for the first time, I decided to see what would be a quick way to unlock Favored Soul. I was planning to do just Chamber of Rayim and Offering of Blood (high level quests I am yet to do will definitely get me to 2500 favor), but on elite they gave surprising amount of xp, so I plan to tackle Chains of Flame tonight, and possibly ADQ. And yes, given amount of experience, they seem to be a pretty good deal when holding level 19 on third life!
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    So much good advice!

    I've done or started most of the chains mentioned in this post at some point or another, but sometimes it seems like I am missing out a HUGE portion of the game by heading for the XP stuff (my own choice, I know :P)

    I'm makin a list, checkin it life, I promise to be nice. Winged Aes is back in town.


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