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    Default Khyber ~ questing couples wanted

    Hey there! The wife and I have been playing (slowly) for a while. We average 3+ hrs a night 7-10pmish Eastern(later on most nights and definitely weekends) 4+ days a week. We have a 7month old future DDOer that interrupts us occasionally so if you do too... awesome! Eventually we will get that quest done. We have unlocked a lot of content via favor/tp and spent some rw $$$ as well(dooh).
    We're hopping to favor up and unlock all the goodies.

    We have; Eveningstar, Whaloon, Vale, Stormhold, Reavers Reach, Gianthold,some Necropolis, Delleras Graveyard... most of the low lvl stuff and more.

    We're really laid back and NEVER...EVER get upset that the lvl 16(normal) quests acts like lvl 25 when we run it on elite... .

    We are looking for some couples to add to our friends list for some low drama game time.

    Voice is awesome... makes life easier. Frankly I have no idea how some people can fight and type in chat at the same time.

    So hit us up

    edited: no longer looking for any guild membership as we have joined the awesome "Crusaders of Heaven" guild, they're a friendly bunch!
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