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    Quote Originally Posted by Qhualor View Post
    if you are a ranger, you already should have the investment for better healing with your cures so cocoon is going to be pretty good and a nice extra source of a quick emergency "heal". that blue bar is only partially useful for buffs since theres only a few useful ranger buffs left but it should be your primary usefulness with those cure spells, not counting if you are AA. for a fighter its nothing more than a band aid so you don't die and if you don't get a quick heal from someone else, you resort to chugging pots or if you have umd, using scrolls/wands anyways. i can see the upside to cocoon, but i still prefer healing spring.
    Before he tr'd my ranger had both healing spring and cocoon. The big difference is that once you start it, healing spring has it's own schedule. It may not go off when you need it to. Cocoon was much more efficient in most situation on my ranger than cure serious wounds, and he could hit csw for over 200 with no metamagics on it.

    I can't believe that people are actually seriously comparing healing scrolls, which absolutely require you to withdraw from combat, or, more likely, run around like a chicken with it's head cut off, just to be able to use them . If you're in a situation where you are not getting hit, well then who cares? Anything works then. You can survive entirely on tasty hams if you are not in combat.

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    Default My end game was a set of quests where I could always find players at night

    Given finite players interested in LFMs, you can only spread them so far.

    We used to have 20 levels. Level 20 was the only epic. All epic weapons were the same level. There were fewer quests. VIPs could play every quest. Level 20 was big. If you didn't want a hassle finding some players to play with, the endgame at night was the best casual game in town. (A real casual player doesn't care about difficulty, they just want to play without a hassle)

    Now we have many more epic quests and an 8 level spread. Level 28 is small. All VIPs can't play the expansions, of which there are two. The expansions cost more and restricted at times to $, no TP. The power level penalties seem to be smaller so that's good. But the community is fractured along access lines. It was the worst when MotU launched, before packs were available. It was a sad moment for a community - you could just feel it. It seems better than it was, but I think we're spread a little thin.

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