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    Smile DDOGamer: First-Person View Is A Whole New Game

    Can an old-school isometric gamer play DDO in first-person view?

    -> Maybe, it's beautiful, but SO HARD!

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    My general gaming preference is FP view for the same reasons as Gamer Girl. However, like you I find the lack of effects and weapons, weird clipping and freaky camera angles rather off putting. It's obvious FP view was added as almost an afterthought. My compromise has been to set the keyboard into FPS style and pull the iso view two ticks back from FP mode. I don't even notice my characters heads anymore.

    Granted, casters are somewhat more difficult than melees to play in this way. I also find that having or developing acute spacial awareness via not only sight but sound helps a great deal. Mobs tend to move around to where you can't see them, but rarely to where you can't hear them. Of course that also means I have all sound except game effects muted. I've never heard the music of Eveningstar, which I've been told is lovely, nor most of the narration in the game beyond Korthos and that was years ago. I will, on occasion, turn DM narration back on in Delera's just to hear Gary gravel his way through the script.
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