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    Default Assess my monkcher enhancements 12m/6r/2a

    What I'm running currently on my 12 monk/6 ranger/2 artificer, full-time archer.

    Half-elf (1) - Versatile Nature (I'd like more out of this, but don't think I could spare points from anywhere else)
    Arcanotechnician (4) - Core I, Wand and Scroll Mastery III
    Arcane Archer (36) - Core III, Conjure Arrows, Awareness III, Elemental Arrows I (Acid), Force Arrows II, Inferno Shot III, Terror Arrows I, Soul Magic, Wis II, Banishing Arrows, Paralyzing Arrows I, Smiting Arrows, Moonbow, Arrow of Slaying, Runebow (if Improved Elemental Arrows ever gets fixed, I'd probably move some points to get up to that)
    Deepwood Stalker (25) - Core III, Stealthy III, Faster Sneaking III, Thrill of the Hunt I, Aimed Shot, Wis II, Leg Shot
    Shintao (1) - Core I
    Ninja Spy (13) - Core III, Stealthy III, Sneak Attack Training II, Acrobatic III

    Anything really important you think I'm missing? Anything you feel I should drop?

    Also, what would you say are the best twists for this sort of character when in Fury? Shiradi?

    Does the Fatesinger rate of fire ability stack with Haste?
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    Hi, i have my 2nd toon with the same classes, running with:

    unbuffed and buffed (with ship and some selfbuffs)


    works great, u can solo everything and with manyshot + adrenaline + slayer arrow u can hit with 1 shot (4-5arrows) for about 25k damage.

    1 arrow hits the ship dummy for 9500-10500 damage. So with luck i shoot 5 arrows with doubleshot and make near 50k damage to the dummy with 1 shot.

    edit: nothing goes over FotW ! u rule all ...
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