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    Question Shiradi Pale Artificer (Epic Build Idea - Looking for Feedback)

    I was reading various posts on here on builds and Epic content and all that good kind of jazz. A thought for a build came up for me, I have not used a planner or anything at all on this yet, and plan to Go on Lammania and try a proof of concept on it, but wanted some feedback from all the build/game experts on here.

    Now first of all I love my Artificer. Definitely one of my favorite classes/characters to play.

    I was considering TRing my 2nd life (rogue as well) into a full artie as he has much better gear, 36pt build and definitely my luckiest toon.

    So I was thinking what to do with my current arty as I am not sure that I was to have 2 full 20th lvl arties running around. I still have my +20 stone from the update I can use on this toon. I would want to leavage my current rune arm/repeater gear while adding some new survivability.

    Reading the posts I was thinking Epic survivability and my love of the ranged arty. And the thought of the 12 Wizzy/8 monk build I saw came to mind. So this is the basic idea of the build I came up with.

    The Shiradi Pale Artificer
    12 Wizard/6 Artificer/2 Monk

    The race would be Human as that is my current race, but I think Drow (for INT bonus) or Halfling (for sneak attack and save bonuses) or Half-Elf with Rogue Dilly (for sneak attack damage) would work awesome.

    Basis of Build: The basic idea of the build is to be a ranged build that is self-healing, self buffing, and damn difficult to hit. Leveraging a repeater/rune arm/and spells for Shiradi Procs.

    Base Stats: Str 8, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 8
    Maybe drop Int to 18 to boost Wis (saves) and/or Str just so not encumbered.
    Goal is for a Max Int build I believe I already have at least +3 stat tomes for all stats already on this toon, with a +5 for Int currently

    2 Monk Bonus Feats
    1 Arti Bonus Feat
    Point Blank Shot
    3 Wiz Bonus Feats
    7 Normal Feats
    Precise Shot
    Shot on the Run
    IC: Ranged
    Rapid Shot
    Quick Draw
    Insightful Reflexes
    1 Human Bonus
    Mental Toughness

    Maybe drop Shot on the Run for Improved Mental Toughness to help Spell Point Pool

    Epic Feats
    Very open here, still not super familiar with Epic feats and pre reqs for such.

    Enhancements: Would need to play around to get this right.
    But thoughts of most important
    Human sneak ranged damage
    Wraith Form
    All Int Bonuses
    Lot's in Battle-Engineer to get Endless Fusilade
    Negative Energy Boosts for healing
    Forces boosts, and likely acid boosts as well since I most relay on either Corruption of Nature or Turmoil within.

    Defenses: Like some of the assassin builds I have seen and the wiz/monk build mentioned above defense of based on not getting hit so AC is not important.
    25% Incorporeal from Wraith Form
    50% from Displacement
    Dodge unknown but work to get this as high as possible. Hopefully of course 25% but unlikely if not in Shadowdancer.
    Not to mention Hasted, Shielded and Jumping etc.

    Evasion - I debated going 2 levels of rogue for some sneak attack damage and the evasion but the 2 additional feats from Monk seems more worthwhile

    Saves: Unknown without number crunching and research, but considering I am sitting at mid to high 40's and a mid 50's reflex (needed for Evasion) currently I suspect I could at least hit my current numbers.

    Damage: I am hoping that the damage output would be worthwhile are the very least from Shiradi Procs.
    They should be hitting from Repeaters and from Spells like MM/Chain Missiles/Force Missiles and Rune Arm (???)
    I should also have lot's of Crowd control options available from Ice Storm (with damage) solid fog etc.

    I would not worry about DC casting at all, but then again I have been reading that in particularly EE content DC casting is no longer really possible anyway.

    Skills: Skills are pretty open here, likely max out Concentration, UMD, Balance, Spellcraft and likely still have enough with my INT and class selection to at least be a decent Trapper if not successful one (maybe not on EE)

    Gear: Gear is an open book right here, as I suspect I would definitely have to change out a lot of my gear. But this would likely leverage the Repeaters, Rune Arms, and various other bound to character gear that I already have (a bit House Cannith tier 3 epic crafted gear, Int +10 Wix X googles, etc)

    Conclusions: So while my damage output would most likely take a drop, I think my survivability would increase with Shiradi procs, self-buffing, defenses, and CC spells available (Non-DC ones of course).

    What do you all think? Suggestions? Comments? Options? New considerations?
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    The only thing I can see is a 18 sorc/2 arti air savant build. If Shocking Vulnerability (arti) and Conduction (sorc) stack. You can get up to a 40% increase in damage curse to the target. This works for all members of the party. Bosses would go down fast.

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