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    Default Epic Calomel Banded Heavy Repeater appears to be broken

    I copied my Artificer from Ghallanda to Lamannia and he has this challenge reward Epic Calomel Banded Heavy Reapeater as a weapon. This is the level 20 weapon that has not been upgraded. Firing this weapon appears to do no damage in Lamannia.

    When shooting kobolds, there's nothing in the combat log and no combat texts are seen. If I have inventory open, I can see that bolt count decreasing, so it is using those. I tried with normal vendor bolts, and with conjured +6 bolts and the results are the same. If I switch to some other repeater, then I can start to see damage numbers. If I switch back to Calomel, then nothing is seen again.

    If I wear Calomel and my ammunition slot is empty but I have bolts in inventory or quiver, it says Failed Action: Out of Ammo.
    If I wear some other repeater and my ammunition slot is empty but I have bolts in inventory or quiver, it says Reload: You reload 100 bolts, and it puts the bolts into the ammo slot, and I can start shooting those.

    In live, Calomel repeater seems to be working fine.

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    Unhappy Epic Calomel Banded Heavy Repeater Broken on Live

    My Epic Calomel Banded Heavy Repeater is broken on Sarlona. It is tier 3. Get the animation for shooting, bolts are used. No to hit roll and no damage. Tried on training dummy and in quests. Switch to another repeater and all it fine. I've opened a ticket and submitted a bug.

    Ticket Response:
    The issue you have described has been recorded for review by the In-Game Support team but is not an issue that we can assist with. We recommend that you take a moment to submit a formal bug report at this url: to aid in the research of this issue. Be sure to fully review the information at the top of the bug report form to understand how bug reports are handled.

    Bug Response:
    The report you have submitted here was done via the "Report a Bug" form, which will not necessarily result in a timely response or resolution to your issue. On the "Report a Bug" page, this information is reiterated for your convenience. While we may investigate reports submitted via the 'Report a Bug' form, QA cannot resolve individual or character issues in game or on the forums.

    Maybe it can be fixed with a patch or Maybe I have garbage taking up space in my inventory.

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