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Ah. See there's the problem: I can't play a sorc right, lol. I have just never been able to get the hang of casters. That blue bar runs dry after the first fight and then I am just a giant pile of failure. I feel like Klin Steagen whenever I try to play a pure caster...
I am working through a 12 Sorc/6 Pal/2 Monk life. Yes for the Sorc PL.

I am going Earth Savant. My acid blast is Maximzed and Empowered and hitting for about 500hp as an AOE for like 6 sp. All the while I am Cleaving and Great Cleaving with a Greataxe. Makes short work of stuff.

For a Sorc it is all about being a Savant and maxing out the use of your SLA's. Totally saves on SP and works.

My Air Savant uses a Heightened, Maximized, and Empowered Elertic Loop for CC in Epic content. For 4 sp each shot.