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    Default Build Advice: Arcane Archer 18/1/1 Split Viable?

    I'm just getting back to playing a bit, and am trying to sort out the new Enhancement system.

    My main is an Elf pure Ranger Arcane Archer, currently level 19. No past lives (yeah, I level sloooow). +4 to all stats tome. 32 point build. I'm trying to decide what to do with her, and any help from the community is welcome.

    On to the question at hand: I'm trying to decide between going pure Ranger, or between taking 1 Fighter and 1 Rogue level. Monk splits are off the table, despite the advantages of 10k Stars.

    Going pure Ranger will get me the Arcane Archer capstone, but I've read that the capstone isn't as useful as it looks because of the reduction on double shot after using Manyshot, and that the imbue twisting function is bugged. Aside from that, the last two Ranger levels don't offer a whole lot.

    One level of Fighter gets me an extra Feat and access to Haste Boost for less AP than getting it from the Tempest tree. I want to go for both Overwhelming Crit and Combat Archery, so the extra Feat will be useful.

    One level of Rogue gets me UMD as a class skill, and more skill points which will be good since Heal is now worth taking. The die of Sneak Attack will go nicely with the Sneak Attack dice from Deepwood Stalker.

    For Feats, I was thinking:

    1) Point Blank Shot
    3) Power Attack
    6) Toughness
    9) Improved Critical: Ranged
    12) Precision
    15) Cleave
    18) Empowered Healing
    20/F1) Great Cleave

    21) Overwhelming Critical
    24) Combat Archery
    26) Perfect TWF
    27) Blinding Speed
    28) Doubleshot

    I'm thinking that the Empowered Healing would be more useful than a melee version of Improved Critical. The build should have decent enough melee damage without it.

    Another advantage to this Feat setup is that I can respec Enhancements from AA/DWS to Tempest/DWS if I wanted to melee instead of range.

    Finally, this will be a STR build, not using the Elf Grace enhancement.

    So, is my thinking sound here? Assuming I want a mostly Ranger AA, without Monk? Or are there upsides to pure Ranger that I'm overlooking?
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