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    Default Griefers rejoice

    Stealth humping has returned. That is all.

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    So it is best not to let everyone know we are afk when we are afk.

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    It's back? I just played my rogue yesterday and when I pressed the space bar while sneaking he jumped. Is there a new trick to it? I really need to know, those people that just stand all /afk out side the bank are just asking for it!

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    This game has been such an absurd grind that I’d rather stick my junk in a beehive than make another toon.
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    An expansion . .. with a set of packs for each plane to come out every month or two . . . it'll be like crack to Whitney Houston.

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    It never went away... Blocking was always the best sneakhump...

    BTW get a Gelatinous cub pet... make it do the trick where it dances and then um... er "block" vigorously...

    You are welcome.

    In the meantime I can now jump in sneak mode which absolutely makes stealth a much better more useful and enjoyable mechanic. Now if I could just figure out how to open a door or pull a lever quietly (as in make Hide and move silently your DC check to avoid losing stealth at doors)
    You guys filibustering a new mode have already succeeded in scaring the Dev's into not doing it the right way and re-scaling the existing settings, why in the world are you still filibustering? Drunk on your success? Schadenfreude? Spitefulness?

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