I've just come back to the game after a hiatus. I've got a dual wielding battle-bard and he is enjoyable. I'll probably spend most of my time playing him.

However, this PDK cha to-hit and damage thing is very intriguing. I am thinking that I might want to also build up a purple dragon knight enchanter build. I was thinking two-handed fighting, but I would still primarily focus on his spellcasting. In "boss" fights, he would work as a healer and some extra DPS and in trash, he would rock the house with crowd control.

There are a few problems, though...

PDK's first level is forced to be fighter, so you lose out on the capstone enhancement straight off and you get a bunch of negatives.

Also, you get 3 feats at level one, but you can't use any of them on metamagic.

So, what feats would you take at level 1? Well, one of them has to be a fighter bonus feat and I'm sure I'll want power attack, so that's an easy choice. I feel like the THF feats are a little underwhelming, but I guess I could do that or toughness or Magical Training?

Anyways, the rest of the feats I've got a good idea what I want to pursue, but those two "extra" at first level are daunting!