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    Default Sacred Defender + Stalwart Defender

    Hey all,
    Question regarding the enhancements from both Defender trees.

    DO they stack?
    ie : Stalwart Defence stance and Sacred Defense stance stack? (shd i be gettin 20 PRR if i select both?)

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    They're mutually exclusive; you can have both, but toggle one on and it turns the other one off. The passive non-stance bonuses appear to stack, though; e.g., you can take both Stalwart Armor Mastery and Sacred Armor Mastery and the AC & MDB increases will stack. And Divine Righteousness should stack with Stalwart threat bonuses, since the former is a Sacred bonus and the latter is a Competence bonus. Plus Divine Might will stack with Power Surge. So there are some advantages to pal / ftr vs pure class of either.
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