Maybe I'm wrong and it is used heavily by other players but I have never used Otto's Resistable Dance SLA so far, because of it's range (Touch) and limit to affect one enemy only. In case of emergency to get more distance between mobs and me I usually jump away or use the Hypnotism SLA first and then jump away.

So I'd suggest to remove Otto's and define Charm Animal (currently a T1 divine spell for Druids and Rangers) as Arcane Enchantment T2 SLA instead. This would be a great improvement I think, because Animals are the only mob type a Wizard specialized in Enchantment can't charm, and due to this it feels kind of incomplete.

The same spells being either arcane or divine is not new and I'd love to be able to charm spiders, wolves and lions as a Wizard too.

Good idea or bad idea?