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    Well for me this conversation is NOT madness.

    I bet theres a lot ppl like me. Who love ddo character creating - so free and you can mix so many things. Who love ddo combat and lore. But are bored by game itself.

    I am tired that there are no raids anymore that demands THINKING or anything fun... like Abbot... like Von5-6 (before EDs ofc - when you ran with rabbit and/or bard) Like shroud with puzzles and killing in the same time ToD and shadows. Those needed tactics. Fot is not bad but citw is disaster for me.
    I am tired that earlier end game was there for around 4 years - the same and unchanged and BIG - I could slowly get the item I want and +4 tomes. Now changes are made every update. So I have to reroll almost each update, bcs something in my character gets broken, or there are changes to dodge/ac or new content is DC insance etc. etc. Now when I finally get the item I want I dont even feel joy cause itll be usefull only for next max. 1 month - then new update hits and yay - 90% of my gear is trash.
    I am tired that ddo became 80% solo gameplay. And what is weird... when before motu caster could instantkill everything with no trouble and fvs/clerics was better dpses than melee - there was still more groupings and teamplay than now.
    I am tired that earlier there was like 30+ quests on endgame and around 10(von, abbot, tod, adq2, chrono, shroud, vod, lob, hox, reavers) raids. Now its 1 raid. MAYBE 2 for some players. and like Wheloon + Storm Horns and maybe sometimes GH.
    I am tired that every time I TR before I get to max lvl my character is changes to irrelevant.You leveled wizzard? Yay! Lets make Dc not working in EGH. So you TRed in sorc/fvs? Yay! Lets make their enhancements crappy! You TRed into wizz again? Lets tell you there will be new big undead endgame! (Dwarf Fort. :P).

    So yeah Id love DDO2. Game with comparable system, combat and character creation but with better graphics and actual end game (because grinding thro TR is not end game. 2 raids and a few quests is also not end game).

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    Another point for the future of DDO and D&D based games, The D&D board game is starting to be really popular in Iceland at least and I believe that is going on around the world and that will prompt people to try out DDO and NWO.

    Trends tend to go in circles and with new worldwide interest in D&D (as I believe is coming) companies like WB would like to capitalize on that...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sokól View Post
    Another point for the future of DDO and D&D based games, The D&D board game is starting to be really popular in Iceland...
    HUGE! That's an entire half-dozen more fans!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fco-karatekid View Post
    HUGE! That's an entire half-dozen more fans!!

    Hey now. The Icelandic population may be small, infinitesimally tiny, diminutively minute, so incredibly teensy-weensy that the entirety of it could sublet space in a thimble and still have room to spare, but they are mighty big in spirit. And seriously, they have some of the longest words I've ever heard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeslieWest_GuitarGod View Post
    Lets keep it clean folks... This is not a doom thread so please do not take it there... thanks.
    You ask about an approximate date for the end of DDO, this is a doom thread.

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