This is a design I just made trying to have the maximum critical available.
Still haven't been tested. Don't know if it would work, but after checking three times I can't find a reason why it shouldn't. Maybe

Strong points: x7 crit multiplier, hight number of attacks (TWF+Divine favor). Cleric auras for a little self healing. 67 PRR easily attainable. Basic cleric buffs and Heal. Can be done in a first life, only with +2 tomes and 32 point build.
Weak points: No evasion, mediocre saving throws, no mass healing and small spell points pool, so impossible (or at least very hard) to heal in raids. Enhancements are pretty tight, so there is little room left for customizing.

BUILD: Dwarven tunneller

Race: Dwarf
32 Points Build

Base Tome Raises Final
STR 16 +2 +5 23
DEX 15 +2 17
CON 18 +2 21
INT 8 +2 10
WIS 8 +2 10
CHA 10 +2 12

Raise to strength at levels 4,8,12,16,20.
At level 24, you can either choose to raise CON to qualify for Epic Toughness at lvl27 or strength if you plan to get any other feat.

Wear two picks (I would recommend heavy and light offhand). GS and alchemical are the best options I've found.
Wear no armor. You should remain centered no matter what.
Build hard to level. Don't get decent damage until after lvl18+

1 Weapon Focus, Power attack(monk)
3 Empower healing
6 Adept of forms
9 Quicken Spell
12 Master of Forms
13 Cleave (fighter)
14 Two weapons fighting (fighter)
15 Improved critical piercing
16 Improved two weapons fighting (fighter)
18 Grandmaster of forms, Weapon specialization (fighter)
20 Weapon Specialization (fighter)
21 Great Cleave
24 Overhelming critical (Epic)

I'll recommend concentration, balance and heal.


Dwarf 6
Dwarven toughness (core) 1
Dwarven constitution (core) 2
Dwarven tougness (core) 1
Dwarven weapong training (tier1) 1
Dwarven weapon training (tier2) 1

Radiant servant 32
Healing domain (core) 1
Extra turning (tier1) x3
Altruism (tier1) x2
Efficient empower healing (tier2) x2 =4
Intense healing (tier3) x3 = 6
Unyielding sovereignty (tier3) 2
Charisma +1 (tier3) 2
Endless turning(tier4) x3=6
Charisma +2 (tier4) 2
Incredible healing (tier 4) 2
Positive energy aura (Tier5) 2

Kensei 36
Kensei Focus: Picks and Hammers (core) 1
Spiritual Bond (core) 1
Weapon group specialization (tier1) 2
Extra action boost (tier1) x3 = 6
Action boost - Haste (tier1)x3 =6
Weapon group specialization (tier2) 2
Weapon Meditation (tier2) 2
Shattering Strike (tier3) 2
Weapon group specialization (tier3) 2
Weapon group specialization (tier4) 2
A Good Death (tier5) 2
Keen Edge (tier5)2
One With The Blade (tier5) 2

Stalwart defender 6
Toughness (core) 1
Overbalance (core) 1
Stalwart Defense (core) 1
Improved Stalwart Defense: Durable defense (tier1) x3