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    Default We did the impossible!

    Okay I'm not the best player on the internets, but what I did today was an achievement for me and I want to share the story. Was playing one of my TR alts, a druid, when I hit level 8 and decided I wanted to do an at level elite chronoscope. I didn't really want to wait around for hours for it to fill though, and well, I don't really have anyone still active in my guild. So I pug it. I throw up an lfm. I mostly expect the lfm to fail and me to have wasted my time, so my LFM says, "It's fun, lets go, taking first 11 to hit lfm, may be no heals, in progress (elite chronoscope in the other box)"

    Then I enter alone. I manage to clear the starting fight and the entry by the tavern before anyone joins me. I decide to work on optionals as the party slowly gains members, and we are at six when we have completed all the optionals. So after a breif discussion we enter the bloodplate fight with a semblence of a plan but little resources and we wipe. Someone holds the instance while we get back up and get ready again. We go in with the same plan but now actually filled up on sp (we had used all the shrines already before the first fight). Six man, at level, prepared, we beat bloodplate up, took his lunch money, and gave him a swirly... then we killed him. The only heals we had was a multiclassed FvS, a bard, and a bunch of wands spread across the group. The bard was key. All that trash that normally gets killed, well he charmed them and they helped us beat up their boss.

    We decide to use this plan on the next boss too, and it works fine. I found that the second boss really really does not like sleetstorm and will teleport every time it is cast on him. This let me force him into melee range for the party. He didn't last long. We were still at six members when he fell, but as we looted his chest three more joined.

    We got to the abishai boss and took down the 5 abishai faster than many loot run parties I have seen. Everyone concentrated on each abishai in turn and they very quickly fell one after another. Voltron forms and drops and dies surprisingly quickly. Again I see it last longer against loot run parties with epic characters.

    Honestly after the run I feel like I won the lottery. It was an awesome run, and was lots of fun.

    In short the accomplishment I feel I achieved today was:
    PUG chrono, at level elite, shortman, no dedicated healers: success with all optionals
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    Awsome. Congratz.
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