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    Default In-Game Support Levels

    Is there a QoS for in-game support posted anywhere?

    Today I posted a ticket for a bug in a quest that was preventing completion. After 15 minutes I updated the ticket noting that it was unacceptable to have not even received an acknowledgement/approximate time to wait or even where in the support queue my ticket was. I got fed up and logged but decided to check later on to see how long it was before a GM finally responded. It was over an hour after the initial submission!

    What's the point of having in-game support if it's going to take an hour for a GM to even get to a ticket? You may as well get rid of it completely and tell users that if they encounter a bug in a quest to just restart and try again and hope it doesn't happen on the second attempt.

    I've put in a snippet below with the name of the GM edited out
    09/15/13 05:06 PM Thank you for your request for assistance. Unfortunately we have to close this request as you were away, non-responsive or offline at the time we were able to assist you. The issue you are reporting cannot be resolved while you are offline. If you have a similar issue in the future, please submit a new help request.
    09/15/13 04:01 PM No response from a GM in 15 minutes? That's 15 min of XP/Loot pots that I won't get back. Why do I even bother to submit tickets?
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