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    Default Underdark Expansion Purchase

    I purchased the Menace of the Underdark expansion from the DDO website. Upon activating the code I was asked if I wanted to create a new subscription and I clicked No because I wanted the expansion added to my current VIP subscription. The website created a new subscription anyway and added the expansion pack to the new subscription, so now I do not have access to the expansion I just purchased.

    I attempted to call account support several times this morning and was told the number was not available. After finally getting through two hours later, I sat on hold for an hour until someone was able to get to my call. As soon as they answered, the call immediately disconnected. When I tried to call back I was told they were unavailable again.

    It's been a hell of a day trying to get this worked out. Is there anyway that I can get my expansion moved to my correct subscription?

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    We were having some technical issues that caused phone support to go offline for a bit. The issue is now resolved, but since phone support just reopened I'd expect traffic to be somewhat heavy for a little while. I'd suggest giving it a little time and then calling Account Support again, as they should be able to assist you.
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