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    Default How to change subscription after the "new forum" update?

    This may just be either me looking in the wrong area or the option not existing in the right area, but my monthly sub renews in 2 days time, and with the update 18 technical problem of the game not launching that a good portion of people are experiencing, I would like to postpone the renewal payment until I am sure this issue has been fixed and I will be able to play again.

    So I went onto my account, Manage Subscriptions but all I am greeted with is;

    {{SUB_UPGRADED}} which can't be clicked
    {{SUB_UPGRADED}} in a text box right next to it, apparently to rename my subscription plan for whatever reason instead of actually changing it.
    [Save Nickname] as a clickable box, used to save the rename in the text input box above.

    How on earth do I change/cancel my VIP subscription plan here? This design is ridiculous to make any sense of in my eyes.

    Any helpful soul or community representative who can tell me or give me navigational instructions to stop my VIP subscription for now before I am billed in a few days? Thank you

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    Default So....

    Was this ever answered?

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    Holy necro!

    Go to and sign in there. The subs on the forums are for thread subscriptions..I think.

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