First of all, I've really, really enjoyed my druid life so far. The firepower that the SLAs give is great, and the class has a uniqueness and versatility that I have come to love. I'm not sure how it plays in level 20+ content as most of what I have used seems to cap at ~level 15, but so far, so good.

That being said, I'm extremely disappointed with 9th level druid spells. Compared to other classes 9th levels spells they are worse than lackluster-most aren't worth loading, let alone casting. Compare them to meteor swarm, mass heal, energy drain, implosion, wail, etc. Hell, even mass hold/dominate monster...they are just not even CLOSE to the same level!

"Anger of the noonday sun"
Your fire spells give -5FR and -2% fort. WOW, great. TWO percent fort? total joke. It should be 10% minimum and even 20% would be reasonable considering how bad the elemental forms are...-3CL/MCL of most of your spells is pretty serious and TWO percent fort is really just cruel.
1/10 Near useless

"Mantle of the Icy Soul"
The targets of your cold spells take a 25% penalty to movement speed, a 10% penalty to attack speed, and a -4 penalty to reflex and fortitude saves. Actually, this sounds decent. Perhaps even a reason to use water elemental form...if it didn't gimp most of your spells and SLAs...
7/10 Good!

"Summon Nature's Ally IX"
Dryad or Elder Fire Elemental. Both were extremely mediocre even in very underleveled content.
0/10 Useless

Regenerate, Mass
It heals 1d6 hit points, +1 per caster levels (max +25), every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. Every two seconds 2 ability point damage is healed, and every three seconds one drained level and 1 bleed effect are removed. When the initial effect expires, a smaller healing effect that heals 2 HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds is applied. Solid healing effect, and definitely worth using for raids and such, particularly for high amp targets. Removes negs as well!
8/10 Very good!

Storm of Vengeance
Conjures a storm with a massive thunderclap, deafening enemies, dousing them in acid rain, and lancing them with lightning bolts. Enemies within the cloud when it is first conjured are deafened for 3 seconds per caster level. Enemies within the storm take 8d6 acid damage every two seconds. Every 4 seconds, a random enemy within the storm takes 10d10 electricity damage (a successful reflex save halves). The storm lasts 3 seconds per caster level. a mid-level sorc casting acid rain, basically? The dps doesn't scale with caster level at all. And you get it as a SLA at level 18 not particularly useful as a spell slot. Level9 spell as an SLA? Sounds ridiculous, but not when you realize it's basically the same power as a level 3-4 sorc spell. Imagine having wail/meteor swarm/mass heal/implosion as an SLA? Sounds too good to be true, because those spells are actually AWESOME, like lvl9 spells should be.
5/10 OK

You attack enemies in your path, dealing an extra 3[W], and targets caught in your wake are frozen solid for 20 seconds. A successful reflex save negates the effect, and creatures caught in the ice can attempt fortitude saves to escape every 3 seconds. Creatures frozen are considered helpless, but they also gain DR/Adamantine 5. (DC 19 + WIS mod)

So if you're a caster, you most likely aren't in winter wolf form. If you're a melee druid, you probably are not wis based. Making a shapeshifting ability wisdom based is just a poor idea (ok, making any of the animal form attacks SPELLS are a stupid idea, but that is a different topic...) I really don't think 3[W] every 15 seconds is anything to write home about, even if it is AOE. Single target it probably lowers dps as it shoots you across the room
3/10 mediocre

It's certainly possible that I am missing something awesome about some or all of these spells. But from what I can tell, and what everyone in-game I have talked to thinks as well...these spells just are a huge letdown.