Seriously? The only tome I can get is a swim upgrade? Not even a skill tome, but an upgrade. That 500 favor reward looks pretty enticing right now...

Previously you could get +4 stat tomes or the occasional +4 to +5 stat upgrade. Now you just get +3 to +4 upgrade, and seems like it's likely to be an useless random skill tome instead of an almost as annoying +3 to +4 upgrade stat tome.

But, to balance things out, instead of grinding 20 epic raid completions for +3 to +4 swim, you can just do Mabar to get a +6 stat of your choice. So basically, only play this poorly balanced excuse of the endgame for a couple of weeks every year?

There is a deep deep silence on the borked raid completion numbers, but even less information about the 20th rewards. Is this intended? Are we to ignore raids even for tomes, and the only way to get tomes is to be active during Mabar, buy from DDOStore, or try to get lucky with the zilch chance of pulling a tome from chest (and it seems even the chest pulls are borked, getting +3 tomes in 27+ level chests, that shouldn't happen, right?).

No wonder the raids are so seldom run recently.