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    Default Screenshots are darker when viewed than when they were taken...

    I am running into an issue where when I view a screenshot, it is much darker than the game screen was when I took the shot. It is much more noticeable on indoor shots, but it does affect the outdoor shots as well. Anyone have any thoughts on anything settings related that might be causing this? Any ideas are appreciated.
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    Are you using a cell phone camera to take a picture of your monitor? If yes, then cell phone cameras aren't good enough for ss.

    Are you using the ddo screen shot taker? (default ctrl + P)

    If you're having trouble with ddo default ss taker, then use "prt sc" print screen to take the screen shot.

    Good luck.

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    Having Gamma Correction turned up will cause this, either on your monitor, in your graphics card settings, or in DDO's graphics options. It seems that Gamma Correction is applied somewhere in the pipeline after screenshots are captured.

    If it is a Gamma Correction issue, I think it would be more obvious for indoor screenies, as they are generally darker and therefore the Gamma Correction would have more effect.

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    Using printscreen seems to resolve the issue I was seeing. Thanks for the advice.
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