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Thread: Shuriken bugs

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    Default Shuriken bugs

    Also "old" ones:

    Halfling: Master Thrower: still only works in the tooltip (tooltip shows increased crit range, yet the actual crit range remains unchanged)

    Monk: Ninja Spy Capstone: still not working with shuriken

    Fighter: Kensai: Keen Edge: still not working with shuriken

    -.- ... I guess I should'a TRed into a drow or elf instead of halfling

    and if we'r already at it:
    Archer's Focus still works with melee weapons lol
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    Being Drow is no better. Xendrik Weapon Training does not work for shuriken. Neither does Spell Resistance. And on top of that the Enhancements reset from time to time. Most notably when you spend points in ED's.
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