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Sorry but Protection is junk.
Saying it does not make it so…

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It is not the best, it not great... it is one of the worst, if not THE worst PRE in the game.
Much like a Tank, Prot does not have to even be good in most content providing it has at least some use somewhere. For defensive melees and melee casters, Protection is better than War Priest.

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Your big argument in favor of protection is USP.. really? No one in their right mind would waste points in this tree picking up a bunch of junk abilities just for USP.
It is one of the best features of Protection, especially for Clerics. While people may not waste AP on junk abilities in Protection merely for USP, it is certainly possible they are spending AP on Protection’s unique abilities in order to increase USP. Indeed no one typically tries to waste any AP to begin with. Not to mention my big argument for Protection is actually that it exists so why artificially limit choice by removing something that already exists and is working?!?!?

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Also reasons why it should not co-exist:
1. Overlapping abilities
Divine Might, toughness, sanctuary etc exist in warpriest. This causes overlapping and confusion: do they stack? Can I abuse taking toughness in in both trees? etc.

2. More junk abilities to maintain, more bugs
Having to maintain a whole tree of useless abilities that can be broken with each update. Results in more complaints, grievances, etc.
1. Many of these are CAUSED by War Priest, far more an argument that WP should not exist. The entire game can be confusing, again hardly an actual argument. Multiple Divine Mights already exist as well; technically they could be activated at the same time, but that has since been changed. Multiple toughness is WAI: they CAN be taken and they DO stack. Otherwise standard stacking rules apply: multiple like bonuses do NOT stack.

2. Every PrE has junk abilities and most trees have some bugs. War Priest has a number of bugs and is a whole other tree of abilities that could be broken with each update… Try again?

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Sorry this tree is just garbage, just flip warpriest to give USP/point and pretend this tree never existed.
Protection is not great, but it is not garbage. Giving War Priest USP would go a long way to improve WP, but Prot still has unique features that WP lacks.