Can we please get some enjoyable quests for level 15 in Eberron?
You know, the kinds of quests that don't totally suck eggs and someone might look forward to playing?
As it is I just take what I can at 15 and promptly move on to level 16 quests; most of which are more bearable even after farming 3 times.

Yeah I know, there are bigger problems with DDO...

How "In the Flesh" is considered level 15 (instead of 17) is beyond me as I have never completed it on Elite at level.
(Note: Spare me the comments about how elite means not everyone should be able to handle it - That honor already belongs to the inaptly even more under-level rated Litany of the Dead.
And besides, if there were more quests at level 15 I could skip ITF and the true elites could have it all for themselves... )