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Its a PVE game, not PVP.
The amount of 100 life toons will be very, very rare.
The amount of single/several life toons will be very, very common.
The masses will ensure balance.

The old epic system stunk with single difficulty and epic ward.

End game will stabilize in due time under the current system.
If we don't create a proper reincarnation system we will end up with 100 level characters,
and then where will the loot and raids be?
Not to sound rude, but I would really ask if you are new here?

If you have spent any time at any of the level caps throughout the game the Devs have always raised character potential and then pushed the DCs/Saves/Etc towards the max obtainable. I am hoping that trend does not repeat itself here. But saying masses will equal it out is just saying that devs will ignore the power creep leading to players mostly getting bored with those occasional players logging on with their "I Win" button leaving everyone else in the middle or worse.

I like having a powerful character as well. I don't want the amount of time I have to spend playing an MMO disrupt the balance for everyone else though.