When Fawngate did "What goes up" on EE her first time, she struggled just like everyone else.
We got it done, but it tooks hours and hours.
Her 40 lives helped yes, but she drank a lot of sp potions indeed.

A challenge it was, should be, future as well...

The Devs face a decision this week.

If the level cap is going to stay indefinitely at 30, if Reincarnation is going to be a big part of the game,
if this game remains PVE cooperation instead of PVP...

The golden apple is tossed thru the gates...

Should first life toons be expected to trump EE content?

Will the carrot harvest fail or be a bumper crop?

Devs will move unto other things quickly, such as raids.

Will they listen to those playing other games who want to not need to play their current toons any to be able to stay competitive?