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    Default Ranged Version of Smite in War Priest Tree?

    First off I'd like to say good work on the war priest tree in general. I'm sure lots of players were looking forward to a tree like this when the enhancement pass was first announced and are glad to see it finally take it's place in the game!

    Since the favored weapon of the silver flame happens to be a longbow, I was wondering if it would be possible to add a ranged option to smite like the dev team added a melee option for the deepwood sniper core ability called shot. Smite enhancements take up several spaces on the tree and it would be nice to see the silver flame faithful get some love out of them too. After all, it'd be best to appease a bunch of fanatics who are crazy enough to crash a casino, slaughter elves and halflings for being involved in another faith, and attack adventurers in another plane just because a "priest" asked them to.

    Do it for all the crazy bow wielding religious fanatics of Ebberon Turbine (or else)!
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    Indeed, the Silver Flame appear to be the red headed stepchildren of the War Priest tree.

    Divine Vessel is another example of forgetting the Silver Flame faithful. When you hit 25 stacks, a light meteor looking thing lands on you, hurting everything around you. That's terrible on a ranged build, where it would be better off centered around your target.
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