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    From the journals of Shamsya, Sun Elf Morninglord of Amaunator (from the Sunday Night Iconic Static Group):

    Ever Westward, following the setting sun, through the Thunder Peaks until, at last, in the crook of the Starwater river I see the green hills and vales of Eveningstar before me. On either side of the river sprawl acres of carefully cultivated vineyards and lush orchards, their dark fruits growing ever sweeter in the rays of the Cormyran sun.

    The icy runoff of the Storm Horns Mountains cascades down its misty slopes to carve out the Starwater Gorge just north of the village, while the "High Road", little more than a glorified track comprised of equal parts dirt and excrement, bisects the hamlet and runs off beyond the sunset toward High Horn. The earthy smell of livestock grows stronger with each step.

    I smile and think "No Tel'Quessir ever imagined 'passing west' would entail wading through cow dung and Purple Dragon Knights. I'm not sure which is worse."

    "What are you laughing at, Elf?" Growls one of the Purple Dragon Knights standing on the side of the road entering the Eveningstar. I scowl at him in anger for his insolence. His tarnished armor shows recent wear and he has a disheveled appearance I find distasteful.

    "Relax Grond," says the knight's sergeant from behind him. "I think this is one of the visitors the sage told us to keep an eye out for." The sergeant turned to address me directly, "He's waiting for you down by the docks miss... er... milady..."

    His dirty hand points toward the center of the village. I walk past them wordlessly. Even several yards past them I can still hear them blathering. "Milady??" Mocks the first knight. "I'll bet a weeks pay she's no lady!" "Shut it!" Barks the sergeant in a harsh whisper. "They can hear everything you say from a dozen yards away with those ears!"

    "So what? What's some little elf maid gonna do?"

    "Blast you into dust, that's what! That was no 'maid' you mindless stump! That was a full-fledged Morninglord. Now quit slacking off and go search that haywain!"

    "Whatever," grouses the slovenly knight under his breath as he shuffles toward the wagon. "I still think yer afraid of little girls with big ears!"
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